Steel Rose Communications Battles Cancer

October 18, 2012

Steel Rose Communications Ball Hockey Team

  This past weekend, the Steel Rose Ball Hockey Team battled hard in the Vancouver rain/torrential downpour to help defeat Cancer. Soaked to the skin, but a little rain certainly did not dampen anyone’s spirit or resolve. An amazing event, a lot of fun, but also a lot of hard work, devoted to a worthy […]

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Investor Relations Essentials on a Tight Budget – Part 1

September 24, 2012

tight budget

  I recently presented at the 2012 CIRI Essentials Conference in Vancouver (Canadian Investor Relations Institute). This is a fantastic educational event that occurs annually in Canada, and is designed for professionals new to Investor Relations. My topic was, ‘Investor Relations on a Tight Budget‘. This was an interactive presentation requiring all participants to work […]

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The PDAC’s top 10 investor questions

March 2, 2012

ioGlobal booth

Congratulations, you have made it to the PDAC International Convention. For those unaware of this event, it is the mining industry’s version of March Madness. 30,000 attendees walking the investor exchange aisles in search of the rare gems, the exploration companies with the next “big discovery”. Now that you are here, I hope you ready. […]

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How to Succeed at Investor Conferences

February 28, 2012

Blue Note Mining at PDAC 2010 (by

I received a call the other day from an individual new to Investor Relations. She had just been hired by a junior exploration company in Vancouver and was asked to represent her company at the upcoming PDAC mining conference in Toronto. This will be her first experience as an Investor Relations professional representing a company, […]

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Is your value as an IRO proportionate to the size of your rolodex?

February 20, 2012

smiling stock broker (via

In the world of investor relations, an IRO with a large rolodex of stock brokers can be very successful and in high demand. The trick is attaining that rolodex. Some say it can be bought, but I disagree. I am sure we have all been approached by people trying to sell us a contact list, […]

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